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ADHD Support Coaching begins with the Brain in Mind,
because everyone has the ability to transform.


ADHD coaching may be right if your child or teen:

ADHD in children and teens support and coaching
  • Comes home from school telling you, “I’m stupid. I hate school! I don’t get what I’m supposed to do.” You see a loss of self esteem regarding school performance.
  • Resists going to school or participating in normal childhood activities.
  • Takes an extreme amount of time or parental support to initiate and complete homework or chores.
  • Perpetually has a backpack that is totally disorganized with papers stuffed all over the place – even when you helped organize it the day before.
  • Exhibits disorganization and memory struggles, as evidenced by difficulty keeping their rooms clean and forgetting to complete routine chores.
  • Struggles with making friends and feeling accepted by peers. He or she may be a victim of bullying or teasing due to social skill difficulties.
  • Makes impulsive decisions and seems to challenge you with defiant behavioral choices.
  • Refuses to do homework or says all the work was completed at school. You see ongoing resistance to completing school work.

Do you experience any of the following:

How to know if you have ADHD - Professional coaching services
  • Getting to University classes on time or turning in assignments is becoming a nightmare or at best is chaotic.
  • Determining the right career or a new shift in career feels overwhelming.
  • You get off track easily, can’t complete things and get easily distracted.
  • You feel like there is too much to do and are lucky if you accomplish one to two of your daily goals with all of the ongoing interruptions.
  • Your homes, closets or office sometimes look as if they have been vandalized or like warehouses for piles of papers.
  • You can’t find a starting place to begin working toward a goal; whether it be completing an assignment, getting your child ready for camp, and getting into an organization routine.
  • You have to call your cell phone to find it. Your car keys disappear. You can’t remember appointments or run late all the time.
  • Life feels chaotic and you don’t feel like you’re living up to your potential.
  • You're bright and struggling with success in doing well in college. You know how to manage a household or what needs to be done, but can’t put it all together.
  • Money management and doing well in the work environment is a constant energy drain.
  • Writing “Thank You” notes and keeping up with paper work is overwhelming.
  • You have several projects going at one time and quickly lose interest in things that were a passion.
  • Your spouse appears to be constantly frustrated when you just “can’t seem to be responsible”.  Yet, you are doing the best you can.
  • Feeling a sense of “not being enough” or “ongoing failure” makes it difficult to overcome challenges or deal with ongoing internal shame messages.   

Services offered for
school aged children and teens:

  • Guided goal setting to motivate youth to follow through on strategies learned during coaching session.
  • Learning and cognitive assessments to determine blocks in learning and accommodations for school success.
  • Developing strategies to develop organization skills at home and school.
  • Developing strategies to enhance homework completion and follow-up strategies to complete homework.
  • Ongoing support via e-mails/texts to remind school aged youngsters to stay focused during class time and at home.
  • Developing strategies to help with their general state of well being.
  • Building up targeted executive function struggles (See About Coaching)
  • Learning to recognize their triggers that lead to acting out and developing relaxation techniques to calm down and decrease impulsivity.
  • Offering coaching to parents to acquaint them with the unique needs and often overwhelming issues related to raising a child/teen diagnosed with ADHD.


Coaching services offered for
Young Adults + Adults with ADHD:

  • Learn how to set and make goals.
  • Develop systems for planning, prioritizing and developing the steps to reach your goals.
  • Learning how executive function challenges like working memory, planning, organization issues, goal setting are interfering with overall life goals and developing strategies to move forward.
  • Positive Psychology approach to shifting challenges by utilizing strengths to meet goals and find answers to career challenges.
  • Providing a safe environment for you to be real and authentic and to finally have someone who understands the challenges that living with ADHD present for adults.
  • Provides consistent accountability and encourages you to move beyond wishing things were different and into appropriate action.
  • Step by step training to embrace courage and vulnerable, ask for what you need,  seeking support as needed and recognizing your already worthy…(No More of Life Being Highjacked by a Shame Storm).
  • User friendly coaching to learn the secret to Rising Strong™ after our moments of mistakes and failures. Based on the Research of Brene’ Brown.  

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