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ADHD Coaching

Adhd Support and Life Coaching

While ADHD Coaching is Life Coaching designed to add tools that are unique to the individual with ADHD,  my style of coaching is a bit different than traditional ADHD coaching. As a cognitive learning specialist and big fan of applying brain based research,  I view ADHD as all about inspiring the individual to slowly begin practices to rewire the brain, as noted by Dr. Dan Siegel. ADHD is based on a neurological diagnosis based on testing done by a medical professional and psychologist. 

Now, that we can see in the brains of individuals through the magic of technology, it’s understood that the brain of individuals with ADHD is differently wired. The brain functions, as the neurons (brain cells) communicate with each other. In the brain of individuals with ADHD, it’s been discovered that the part of the brain that deals with impulse control, planning, organization, focusing, working memory, relating to friends and family and emotional control may be fragilely wired. The diagnosis is made via tests and rating scales to assess what neural functions are resulting in challenges that impact learning and life skills. I incorporate the training of practices like Mindfulness, Brain Training, Specific Cognitive Training to improve the functioning of the brain, so individuals with the diagnosis don’t live such rigid or chaotic lives.

Part of my intake for new clients will involve some type of cognitive assessment and developing a coaching plan from this starting point. Part of my role will be educating my clients and when appropriate their family members about cognitive strengths and weaknesses and deliberately incorporating practices that will strengthen and integrate the mind of the individual with ADHD.  

ADHD Coaching is a powerful way to help individuals with the diagnosis develop systems and strategies to navigate the areas of life in which they are experiencing difficulty. ADHD Support Coaching, as is true for most ADHD coaching, builds up Executive Functioning Skills and Life Purpose Skills, which are often underdeveloped in individuals with ADHD.

ADHD Coaching is not about telling the client what to do. ADHD Coaching involves asking the right questions to help clients identify and develop the skills needed to formulate individual solutions/strategies for managing their ADHD.

If you or your child/teen/young adult struggles with any of the following skills, this may indicate a need for ADHD Coaching:

ADHD in children coaching help
  • Starting Work on Tasks
  • Finishing Tasks
  • Taking on too many projects at one time
  • Staying Focused when Presented with Life Distractions
  • Maintaining an Organized Life Style that Works and Removes Stress from Life
  • Making Conscious and Wise Choices
  • Developing Systems for Success
  • Healthy Communications and Respectful Communications
  • Motivation and Follow Through
  • Self-Regulation in regards to Money Management, Acting Out or Impulsive Behaviors
  • Determining Next Steps for Accomplishing Goals
  • Learning How to Recognize when Emotions are Influencing Actions and determining new ways to respond.  

Whether a client is trying to be successful in developing a time management plan to finish school projects, or needs to develop organization skills to remember to take medicine or to find car keys, ADHD coaching makes a huge difference.

My clients see results as we also incorporate the shift in your mind to develop confidence, as you learn to let go of that“not enough” and “not worthy feeling” by applying the shame resilience research to your one unique life.


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