ADHD Support Coaching


Staff Development Topics for Educators


“User Friendly Strategies to Accommodate Learners with ADHD in the General Education Setting”

“Teaching with The Brain in Mind”

“Building a Culture of Trust Within the Classroom Setting”

“No Teacher or Learner Left Behind:  Permission to Show Up with Courage and Vulnerability in School Culture”

“Opening the Door Cultivating Connection and Empathy in the Classroom and School Culture”

“Stress Management for the Unique Needs of Teachers”

“After School Snack for Teachers: An Opportunity for Q&A to Address Specific Concerns Related to Challenges Faced by Educators”

“Right Brain Learning Strategies for Every School Subject:  Creativity Moves Learning from the Head to the Heart”

“Setting the Stage For Alleviating Discipline Challenges:   Guiding Middle School and High School Students to Develop Respectful Self-Advocacy Skills”

“Permission Slips and Hall Passes for Educators:  You Really Are Doing the Best You Can…..Embracing Messages of Self-Acceptance”

“Values in Action within the Classroom or The School Setting”

Programs for Parent Groups


“Practicing Self-Kindness When Parenting Children with Learning Differences”

“What Do I Do when My Child/Children Won’t Cooperate?”

“Guiding Your Children to Use Their Unique Gifts”  

“Cultivating a Home Atmosphere that Fosters Connection and Empathy Between Family Members”

“Understanding Shame Resilience:  Supporting Your Children During Life’s Face Down Moments”

“Steering Away from Power Struggles when Children or Teens Offer Resistance”

 “Conscious Parenting:  Communicating Acceptance of the Uniqueness of Your Child”

“Giving Yourself Permission to Be an Imperfect Parent”

“Dealing with Mom Cliques in the PTA or Community:  It’s Never About You”

Speaking Topics for Young Adults or Adults Related to ADHD

“Just What is ADHD and What Do I Do Now That I’m Diagnosed”

“Why Do I Continue to Disappoint Everyone and What I can Do About It!”

“You Can Change Your Mind:  Using Mindfulness and Other Healthy Brain Practices to Promote Focus and Working Memory”

“Embracing Your Worthiness While Dealing with the Challenges of Living with ADHD”

“Procrastination and Perfection:  Developing Systems to Shift to Imperfect Courageous Living with ADHD”

“Understanding the Results of Neuropsychological Tests to Utilize Your Core Strengths in Managing ADHD”

““Why Am I Getting in My Own Way:  Understanding How Feelings and Unresolved Shame StormsHi-Jack our Best Intentions”  

“Asking for What You Need in Relationships”

“Becoming Your Own Self-Advocate at Work”