ADHD Support Coaching

Live Confidently with ADHD Support Coaching

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Mary Ann Lowry, Certified ADHD Facilitator and Coach

If you need to learn systems to live a better quality of life with ADHD, I can help you do it.  Many diagnosed with ADHD are literally highjacked with feelings of “not being enough” or “compare and despair”……in other words “TRAPPED in A SHAMESTORM”, because of the apparent repeated failures and disappointments associated with ADHD.  

This often shows up as perfectionism, which leads to procrastination.   If this is you or your young adult or teen,  I have special training to help based on the research of Brene’ Brown called The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™.  

Additionally, If you or your family member/s including teens need to find support with school or other life skills, I can help them learn approaches, tactics and techniques to lighten the load of dealing with ADHD. Coaching young people and seeing them go from overwhelmed to empowered is one of the benefits of ADHD coaching.

If you need help with behavior management and developing an individual plan that will work for your family, I’m happy to offer parenting coaching for raising preschoolers to young adult children.  

If you find that your life is not working because you’re continually disorganized, lack focus and are continually looking for your car keys and feeling that you are living a scattered chaotic life, I can also be a support and offer strategies to help your life become much more manageable.

It’s my pleasure to serve you and your family members, as together we find solutions and skills to manage life with ADHD.

- Mary Ann Lowry