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Ali Wright

Hello!  Welcome to my blog.  I'm looking forward to communicating with my readers on a regular basis. This blog will contain information specific to those dealing with ADHD.  You may be an individual, who was diagnosed with ADHD.  Adults are being diagnosed now in record numbers.  On the other hand,  you may have  family members, who are diagnosed with ADHD.   Parents wonder why it's often so difficult to parent a child with ADHD.  From personal experience,  I can tell you that it's very rewarding.   Yet, it's time intensive to offer your child/teen/young adult the support he/she needs when dealing with some of the challenges of dealing with ADHD.   

Spouses married to one with ADHD are often confused and feel overwhelmed.  If you don't understand why your spouse makes the choices he/she makes, it's easy to judge them as having character flaws.   I am an adult, who was diagnosed with ADHD later in my 40's.   I was actually doing the best I could.  Yet,  I know my spouse was often frustrated about why things were so tough for me.  What's so hard about prepping for meals?   Why was I so overwhelmed at the thought of entertaining?   ETC.  

You may have friends or other relatives, who may be appear to be undependable.  Yet,  they are among the nicest people you know.   This blog will shed light on what may be going on.  

I'll try to write articles based on common concerns.  I'll also respond to any questions you have and craft an article to respond to your concern.  




Mary Ann